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    Warning: any modification on your Super Soco could cause a malfunction if mishandled and remove the warranty. This forum, members, moderators and administrators could not be held responsible for any damage or loss of warranty that could occur, following a modification which remains the sole responsibility of the author of the modification.


    The target of this topic is to present the parameters linked to the TC Max timing belt.

    Driving parts (front, rear and timing belt) are parts manufactured by GATES. The references are clearly identifiable on the parts, and allow to have the characteristics of the system.

    The primary parts:

    Front Sprocket (GATES) 8MX-30T-12:

    8MX: 8mm pitch, compatible with GT and GT2 profiles
    30T: 30 teeth (The meaning of T is unknown, there’s nothing in the catalog, 8MX-30S-12 wheels are found)
    12 for a 12mm width belt

    Rear Sprocket (GATES) 8MX-120T-12:

    8MX: 8mm pitch, compatible with GT and GT2 profiles
    120T: 120 teeth
    12 for a 12mm width belt


    Belt: 8MGT-1760 (ref Gates: 9274-0220)

    8MGT: 8mm pitch with a GT profile
    1760: length of 1760mm
    220 teeth

    So we have a drive ratio of 1/4 (basically, the rear wheel rotates 4 times slower than the engine). The timing belt prevents slippage between the front and rear sprockets.

    By making small calculations, we find that the ideal distance between the front and rear sprockets is 568.5mm.

    The Gates catalog features a 32-tooth front sprocket, which seems compatible (8MX-32S-12).

    By installing it, we would change the drive ratio from 1/4 to 4/15 (or 0.266). The ideal center distance becomes 565mm, which is 3.5mm less. it seems acceptable with the position of the rear wheel.

    With the modification of the drive ration, if the engine has the necessary power, we would go from a speed of 85km / h to 90.6km / h.

    Cool, une TC noire dans le garage !

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