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    I finally received my TC-Max, but due to problems with registration in Belgium I will have to wait one more week before I receive my license plate. Apparently the model is too new and the website of the DIV (Registration office in Belgium) throws an error when trying to register…. Bureaucracy…

    Anyway, there where 2 minor problems upon delivery:

    • Front tire has the scratches other members have mentioned.
    • The rubber seal thingy that covers the charging port was ripped of.

    Both things will be replaced by dealer so no big deal.

    I just installed a USB socket so I can charge my phone while driving (should have been a standard option in my opinion.) The bike is really easy to disassemble and finish quality inside is good, still Chinese but good.

    I was able to link the app with the bike, but it shows a TS model and no extra information ;( do not know what the deal is there…

    I have not ridden it yet, so that’s a big bummer 🙁

    But the looks and seating position are great 🙂


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    @nerveasy : great ! Can you upload images (if you wish), especially USB socket and the handling necessary for installation ?

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    Usb module:

    Only place that had enough room was inside the battery compartment. Not that easy to reach when battery is installed but my charging cable is mostly always plugged in.

    A small 3D printed collar was needed (PET material).


    Spliced after the 72V-12V DC/DC converter. It starts when bike is powered on (rideable).

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    Nice integration!

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