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    As the Super Soco app is not working for me (but my contact at Vmoto says it should work in Belgium…) I quickly opened the ECU module to check if it is even working.

    I think it is slightly different than the TC ECU (saw some images on the web, it has no switch for example)?

    So, there is a small module inside the bigger module, with an unmarked sim card, a small battery, GSM antenna and GPS antenna. There are 3 LED indications on the small module: GSM reception, Battery and I think Satellite reception…

    When the Bike is « off » (ready and alarm state or no battery state) the module is « dead ». No lights, nothing. There is a testpad marked on the board labelled « off » and when measured it is 3.7V, so logic high from battery voltage. I think this means the modules « sleeps ».

    When the Bike is in « go » state (dash is lit up) the module wakes up after a few seconds. The satellite (?) blue LED starts blinking fast, and after a while (a few minutes) more slowly. The battery LED is on and the gsm LED did not come on once 🙁 .

    After +- 3-5 minutes of slow blue LED blinking the module stops blinking LED’s and goes dark again.

    I have shot some video of the whole thing but as my IMEI code is rather prominent on display I cannot show it…



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    Wow ! Thanks for the pictures ! 

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